Saturday, October 30, 2010

Morgan & The Organ Donors - Arrogant Man EP (2010)

A friend and I hopped on a train and braved the light rains and Giants fever in San Francisco last night to catch Broken Water on their current west coast tour, which will stretch as far as Tijuana if I'm not mistaken. No doubt a familiar name this year, what with their LP on Night People and all. But this entry isn't about them.

A three-piece Olympia punk band called Morgan & The Organ Donors are tagging along with Broken Water on their tour. While I hadn't heard them before last night, I was open minded. The name sparked my imagination, conjuring up fantasies of riot grrrl crusties (strange imagination, I know) or the like making a ruckus at an art space on a chilly Friday night. I was way off, though, as "Morgan" (real name Sara Pete) along with her "Organ Donors" (James Maeda on guitar and Fajr Wilson on Drums) belted out a handful of dance-y 60's garage rock tunes complete with all the best hooks imaginable. I don't dance, but even I was given to a little bobbing during their set. My friend noted the surf influence, especially the far out surf-related gear the guitarist was using that night. Great people, very great music! We talked with them briefly before and after the show, too, but I mention it only to confirm that they're rad kids. If any of your soul happens to be left after its inevitable jading, you'll dig the hook-ridden, punk-laden Arrogant Man EP.

If you like this, and you happen to be on the west coast, catch this band with Broken Water before it's too late. They're playing in southern California for the remainder of October and into the beginning of November, then turning around and heading back up to the northwest to take a breather and play a couple more. And while you're there, pick up this record.

Also, can I say that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Whirl were also on the bill last night?! What a performance!

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