Saturday, October 9, 2010

Built to Spill - So and So So and So 7" (1994)

Yeah, I'm on a pop kick again! It's 2010, so it's doubtful that a band like Built to Spill need an introduction. This one of their early singles from 1994. It was put out by the obscure Saturnine and was recorded at Dub Narcotic by Calvin Johnson. What could I possibly say to justify either of these tracks? What's more, what could I say about this band that hasn't already been said? These tracks, "So and So So and So From Wherever Wherever" and "Terrible-Perfect" (which incidentally shared lyrics with a Treepeople song), were later featured on "The Normal Years" rarities compilation CD that K put out in 1996, which I also have a copy of and am tempted to share. If you're at all familiar with Lonesome-and-earlier-era Modest Mouse or Martsch-related projects like Treepeople, you know what to expect here: Built To Spill in the early and even late nineties was something really special. Even shortly after the inevitable-and-well-deserved jump to a major label they put out some killer tunes (Fly Around my Pretty Little Miss, for example), which is saying something. But as for everything before that? Just listen. "Save some place in your mind / I'm getting good at time."

Built to Spill - So and So So and So 7" MediaFire

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