Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Trouble With Larry - The Trouble With Larry (1992)

Picking through racks at the local Goodwill today, I came across this intriguing gem. The cover art alone should catch anyone's eye, but upon closer inspection I found familiar names in the thanks section, among them Balcony of Ignorance. It seemed I wasn't dealing with an average find, so I bought it for about a buck. Upon getting it home and putting it my stereo, the catchy post-punk tunes of The Trouble With Larry filled the room. This eighteen-track CD tip-toes the border of post-punk and Dead Kennedys-esque punk rock, delivering dark, heavy and occasionally humorous songs with dual male vocals. While the music seems to hint at dance music with an industrial twist, it really sounds more like a punk record than anything to me.

I couldn't find a thing about this band or their label Good Kitty Records, but I am guessing they are from New York or at least from the east coast given the location of their label and the Balcony of Ignorance mention. (Given comments I've received on this entry, they were from Richmond, VA. Thanks!) If anyone can provide more information or tunes from this band, it would be appreciated.

The Trouble With Larry - The Trouble With Larry Mediafire