Friday, December 31, 2010

Searching For The Now #4 - Pains of Being Pure at Heart/Summer Cats (2008)

To tie up the end of 2010, I'll share volume four of Slumberland's "Searching For The Now" single series, which featured The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Summer Cats. No, wait, don't run away! Yes, I admit, I'm not a very big fan of what Slumberland has been putting out as of late, and Pains of Being Pure at Heart aren't exempted from that. But despite loathing their LP for admittedly superficial reasons (come on, at least put the Pastels in your thank-you list), this version of their song "Come Saturday" is, in my opinion, a superior version. It's definitely an early recording, probably long before they began writing their LP and it definitely came first. And I unabashedly admit that this song is concentrated catchy in a can; no one can resist these hooks! So anyway, the point of this entry is mostly to share an overlooked version of that song. I don't know a thing about Summer Cats apart from them being from Melbourne. Their single is pretty good, too; listening to it again this morning, I was immediately reminded of Built of Spill and Talulah Gosh simultaneously ... go figure.

This was Slumberland #82. It is out of print. See you next year.

Searching For The Now #4 - Pains of Being Pure at Heart/Summer Cats MediaFire

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Summer Hits - Beaches and Canyons 1992-96 (1996)

Ripped this more for myself, as I wanted to replace the poor digital copy I had on my computer. My musical upgrade equates to your musical gain. The Summer Hits were a Further-related project that included guitarist Brent Rademaker, who gave me this CD for free. They released many 7" records, but I'd think that this CD is their most recognized and listened-to release. "Criminally overlooked" is a beaten cliche that I will begrudgingly use to describe this band; I can't think of a band more overlooked, given its pedigree. This has been tossed around for years and years, but this band remains one that listeners give an instant pass. A compilation of noisy, carefree pop music that someone sober may not get the first time around, but give it a shot and you're sure to find a cozy, cacophonous niche worthy of an edgebreak. Just kidding.

The Summer Hits - Beaches and Canyons 1992-96 MediaFire

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thought Riot - The Dangerous Doctrine of Empathy E.P. (2003)

Here's a record I didn't even know existed, let alone ever heard of before I bought it. Thought Riot were an anarcho hardcore-esque band with members from Livermore and Modesto. They were a favorite of mine around the time their full-length Sketches of Undying Will came out. I believe they were on A-F Records at one point or another.. told you it was a long time ago. I only ever saw them once unfortunately, but it was a good time. They've been teetering on playing a reunion tour for the past couple years, but it hasn't happened apart from a one-off show on September 11th of this year, a show that I found out about a month too late. So much energy coming from these guys, despite the sentiments and sound aging too poorly for me. In any case, these guys ruled back in the day. Maybe you'll like this, maybe not... If it's any incentive, the flips are Fugazi (Burning Too) and Redemption 87 (The Plague) covers.

This EP was released on The Record Labelation from San Leandro, CA, a label run by a member (or members?) of Livermore's own Silent Film Stars. And that doesn't mean a thing to anyone not from Livermore...

Thought Riot - The Dangerous Doctrine of Empathy E.P.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Matsuri - Endship (2010)

Matsuri are a band that never get old for me, despite seeing them play a hundred times over the past few years. I still get just as excited by their energy, positivity and presence in 2010 as I did in 2007. I caught the end of their set last night at their very own DIY space and had a blast. While I was there, I picked up the CD version of their new LP, which has yet to come out. They had to push back the release date due to delayed mixing, so they were still taking pre-orders... at the show. Never before last night had I seen a band take pre-orders in person. But that's okay. It probably happens more often than I am aware. If you checked out any of the music I posted in my previous Matsuri-related post, you're bound to like this as well.

Matsuri - Endship MediaFire
Matsuri - Endship Buy It

Monday, December 27, 2010

School Knights - Rush S.K. (2010)

School Knights are a pair, I think, of musicians from Colorado, I think. This is their brand new EP entitled "Rush S.K." Four "lo-fi" songs of the poppy, "mathy" variety. Okay, I'll stop being jaded for a moment: this is pretty good and I'm enjoying it as I listen to it for the second time. Nice woozy, guitar-driven rock music written by a couple teenagers - isn't that what it's all about anyway?

This is literally brand new, so go buy a copy from Bridgetown Records if you like this. One hundred were made and one of those hundred could be yours.

Link was removed per the label's request. Sorry, go buy it!
School Knights - Rush S.K. Buy It

Sunday, December 26, 2010

V/A I Know Why They Call It Pop (2010)

In 1994, a little-known Boston label called Pop Narcotic released a double 10" compilation entitled "Why Do You Think They Call it Pop?" The bands featured on that compilation ranged from infamous to small timers, but the compilation nonetheless had its desired effect: it captured the state of pop music in its many forms at the time, and remains a milestone in the genre.

It's 2010 now, and Rok Lok Records, an overtly pop label themselves for the most part, decided it would be fitting to pay homage to that compilation and that era with their own, similarly named compilation. Ranging from the most primitive one-man bedroom pop pseudonyms to full fledged bands, the compilation gathers a colorful, diverse roster of musicians and genre, from coast-to-coast and down to Brazil. The influence is evident; in my opinion, this comp probably could have fooled pop junkies if it said it was thrown together in 1996 rather than 2010. Rok Lok's owner Mike dedicated the 20-song cassette to "all the people banging on a 4 track till the wee hours of the morning, tape labels and tape traders." It comes highly recommended from me to anyone with an ear for genuine, intimate tunes and a musically open mind.

One hundred of these tapes were made, and there are about eight left at the time of this posting. If you're eager, head over to Rok Lok and snag a copy.

V/A I Know Why They Call It Pop MediaFire
V/A I Know Why They Call It Pop Buy It

Single Mary - 4 Song E.P. (1987)

A genuinely mysterious quintet from Eugene, Oregon, Single Mary self-released this aptly named four song EP in 1987. Simple punk songs with synth, saxophone and male-female vocals. A brief search came up with no information for this band. There are probably a couple hiccups in this rip somewhere, but it should be fine other than that.

Single Mary - 4 Song E.P.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

No update, just wanted to wish my readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Thanks for sticking around! I have a couple things up my sleeve to finish the year with.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lollipop - Live at Reptilian Records 7" (1997)

Another noisy freebie from the same recent trip. Lollipop were a Maryland band that relocated to San Francisco, released two full-lengths and several 7" records that included a split with Thee Headcoats, and broke up by the end of the nineties. Most of their output was on Amphetamine Reptile, but this particular was on Reptile Records, the same label that brought you a couple Buzzov·en-related singles. One of the inserts likened this band to Blue Cheer and MC5 in the same breath, but you be the judge. Two loud raw live recordings packaged in a hand-screened "dayglo" sleeve. Well, well well.

Lollipop - Live at Reptilian Records MediaFire

...and somehow I managed to befuddle this post by ripping the second song at the wrong speed (not that you noticed), so here's your correction. I re-uploaded the above .RAR file with the correction, but in case you already downloaded the previous link here is the standalone second track. Sorry:

Lollipop - Carburetor Dung 45RPM MediaFire

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Molly McGuire - S/T EP (1993)

Now for one of Kansas City's best kept secrets... Molly McGuire are just one of those kinds of bands. Despite putting out two full-lengths, two splits, this 7" and a compilation track, perhaps even more, people still scratch their heads about them. And I know I'm onto something with this obscurity thing, because I searched all over for a hint of blog'd on this record and I came up with nothing. I'm surprised! In any case, sitting among other Kansas City Sound notables like Giants Chair, Shiner, and Boys Life, Molly McGuire embraced a grungy, cacophonous indie sound that eventually attracted major label attention. The release of their full-length, "Lime," saw their signing to Epic Records. But like so many other post-Nirvana signings, Molly McGuire never seemed to catch on commercially and drifted out of sight.

This EP was released in 1993 on Caulfield Records. It's apparently very difficult to track down information on this band, but if you're a fan of other KC bands at the time, you're bound to like this. I had never even heard this record before I bought a copy of it, so this is exciting to share here.

Molly McGuire - S/T EP MediaFire

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mutants - New Dark Ages 7" (1980)

Speaking of San Francisco, here's an important one, so listen up. The Mutants were probably one of the first  punk bands to come about in San Francisco in the late 70's. They released this 7" and a full-length entitled "Fun Terminal," which carried them across the country on what I believe was their only national tour. They also two splits, a live one with (Impatient) Youth and a studio one with Apocalypse Hoboken I had the pleasure of seeing this band in 2007 at Gilman - completely mind-blowing, enthusiastic performance, with lots of old timers and teenagers alike going nuts

There's nothing in particular I want to say about this. It's a catchy, completely flawless punk gem that's worth way more than the $5 I paid for it, monetarily and otherwise. No matter who you are or what you're into, give this a shot for a good time.

Mutants - New Dark Ages 7" MediaFire

Friday, December 3, 2010

V/A The View From Here: The San Francisco Compilation (1987)

Avid readers of an almighty blog that needs no introduction probably caught this record last year, so for those folks this is no news. Indeed, I am a bit disappointed to be the second (perhaps third) of the collective blogosphere to unleash this wacko slab on the world, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to add my own two cents. Besides, this gives me a chance to inadvertently remind readers of another San Francisco obscurity; as it turns out, White Stain's Wally Sound produced one of the songs on this compilation. Bet this guy is getting tired of his name being thrown around these parts... Anyway, lots of interesting new wave and punk-related sounds emanating from this. A couple, more familiar names like Camper Van Beethoven are thrown in among mostly San Francisco native unknowns, but all the more charm value. Catchy and occasionally campy, but entertaining one hundred percent of the time. This was released in 1987 on Medical Records. Here is the tracklisting which I will now unabashedly copy from the aforementioned blog:

01. Pray For Rain - 2 Steps Forward
02. The Naked Into - Dark Comes Down
03. Vox Humana - Concept Day
04. Camper Van Beethoven - Happiness Is a Porpoise Mouth

05. The Ophelias - Palindrome
06. Standing Naked - Soul
07. Tooth & Nail - Stuck in a Nightmare
08. Kelley Gabriel & Clocks of Paradise - Sandra
09. Hold My Head, It Hurts - Carnival Ride
10. The Sneetches - I Need Someone
11. The McGuires - Garbage Man

12. Spot 1019 - Taste the Feel
13. Child Support - Classified Information
14. Blue Movie - Dog Song

V/A The View From Here: The San Francisco Compilation MediaFire