Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lollipop - Live at Reptilian Records 7" (1997)

Another noisy freebie from the same recent trip. Lollipop were a Maryland band that relocated to San Francisco, released two full-lengths and several 7" records that included a split with Thee Headcoats, and broke up by the end of the nineties. Most of their output was on Amphetamine Reptile, but this particular was on Reptile Records, the same label that brought you a couple Buzzov·en-related singles. One of the inserts likened this band to Blue Cheer and MC5 in the same breath, but you be the judge. Two loud raw live recordings packaged in a hand-screened "dayglo" sleeve. Well, well well.

Lollipop - Live at Reptilian Records MediaFire

...and somehow I managed to befuddle this post by ripping the second song at the wrong speed (not that you noticed), so here's your correction. I re-uploaded the above .RAR file with the correction, but in case you already downloaded the previous link here is the standalone second track. Sorry:

Lollipop - Carburetor Dung 45RPM MediaFire

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