Thursday, December 9, 2010

Molly McGuire - S/T EP (1993)

Now for one of Kansas City's best kept secrets... Molly McGuire are just one of those kinds of bands. Despite putting out two full-lengths, two splits, this 7" and a compilation track, perhaps even more, people still scratch their heads about them. And I know I'm onto something with this obscurity thing, because I searched all over for a hint of blog'd on this record and I came up with nothing. I'm surprised! In any case, sitting among other Kansas City Sound notables like Giants Chair, Shiner, and Boys Life, Molly McGuire embraced a grungy, cacophonous indie sound that eventually attracted major label attention. The release of their full-length, "Lime," saw their signing to Epic Records. But like so many other post-Nirvana signings, Molly McGuire never seemed to catch on commercially and drifted out of sight.

This EP was released in 1993 on Caulfield Records. It's apparently very difficult to track down information on this band, but if you're a fan of other KC bands at the time, you're bound to like this. I had never even heard this record before I bought a copy of it, so this is exciting to share here.

Molly McGuire - S/T EP MediaFire

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