Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swervedriver - Good Ships b/w Hate Your Kind

To anyone who may be a reader: I know, I'm sorry. It's been so long. I just got caught up with real life: school, work, lady friend. But now that all of those are gone (regrettably, all three of them in fact... I don't want to be broke, damn it) I have time to post. I think I'll skip over the rest of the Lengua Armada EPs just because it's been so long and I'm just not feeling it anymore.

Instead, I'm posting one of my favorite and indeed one of the most overlooked Swervedriver singles. The tunes are what you would expect out of Swervedriver, if not a bit more slowed down and melancholy. I found this record, along with many other good ones, some time last summer. It's definitely fitting my state of mind right now, and what better day to post it than on a gloomy day such as this one (it's actually bright and sunny this morning here in California, but yesterday's May rain is remaining in my head.)

This is out of print.

Swervedriver - Good Ships b/w Hate Your Kind