Thursday, June 7, 2012

One last thing

I have noticed more than one instance of folks stealing rips, photos and even whole write-ups from this blog without saying anything. I do not mind at all if you want to repost one of my rips on your own blog, and in fact encourage it. But I find it very disrespectful and annoying when people take credit for work that simply was not theirs, when people pawn off my own time and energy as being theirs.

So, if you have already or intend to repost anything you find here, please have the courtesy to let others know where you got it from. I know that this is no longer an active blog, but I am still active in the "blogosphere," still buy and research records, and I see what is going on.

With that said, I am flattered that people still find this place and discover music that turns their eardrums on. Thank you.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The End

Thanks for everything.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chokebore - Black Black LP (1998)

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It's July, it's been cold and dreary all day, plans upon plans have been foiled, and I haven't updated for a bit. Starting now, reader, you will no longer associate Hawaii with a cheerful isolation, but with the darkest  depression to crawl on its hands and knees begging to be a part of your mainland world again.

Here today is an entry that I have been meaning to do for a while. Despite having only discovered them within the past couple years, Chokebore have quickly become a favorite of mine and definitely the "go-to" band whenever I am feeling especially awful. Not because this band makes me feel better, goodness no, that's too constructive. This is the sort of band you listen to when you see a sunny day and pray for an overcast to roll by and last for the rest of your life. This is a band to lock yourself in your bedroom, turn out the lights, close the blinds and glare at the ceiling with. And likewise, this record is your best and only friend. Everyone has those days; we're only human.

I can't think of one punk-related record that I've genuinely contemplated more than this one. This record, titled Black Black, is just that, black on black: a trudging, deadweight, dark cloud following you around the room and wherever you go. Although somewhat poppy in its composition - I refer especially to tracks like "The Perfect Date," which is bursting with hooks - there are few if any happy moments to be found here. I wouldn't say this is a particularly profound album in the sense that there are not so many different facets to take into consideration. In fact, upon first listen, you may find it a shallow album that just drifts along the surface of various overarching themes and rarely elaborates, rarely lets you into its world. But after a few more listens, maybe a day or two to let it sink in, the record might sneak up on you. Troy von Balthasar's crooning suddenly becomes your suppressed conscience coming back to haunt you. Lurking behind all the hooks that keep you listening, you find an infallible desolation offering you temporary solace and complacency for the entirety of the record. If you find yourself relating to this music, there might be something wrong with you, and that's what this is for. This is a crutch, an absolutely hopeless crutch. In twelve songs, Chokebore manage to create at least six memorable anthems for the doomed, and definitely one heavy, relentlessly sad record that is likely to stay with you for a while.

I can't say enough about this, but I encourage anyone within the sound of my voice (text?) to download this and tell me it's not catharsis. This was Punk In My Vitamins #22. Chokebore were previously associated with AmpRep and had a previous project called Dana Lynn. For fans of Unwound, Lowercase, and other heavy, noisy leaning slowcore. But really, you're not likely to find another band like this.

Chokebore - Black Black LP MediaFire