Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Fertile Crescent - Lips Wide Moths Pour Out

Yesterday, I decided I would start up this blog again. I didn't have a very big following here, and I think that was part of why I decided to stop posting. Now, however, I am going in with renewed vigor. If nobody ever sees this, at least it's a nice archive of memories for myself.

Now that that's out of the way... This is The Fertile Crescent's "Lips Wide Moths Pour Out" CD-R, a strictly experimental, 34-minute piece consisting of a variety of Indian instruments. What was apparently an electronica band in a past life became a pseudo-folk/psychedelia group, a conversion I'm having trouble piecing together. In any case, I wouldn't be uploading this if I didn't enjoy it thoroughly. The piece consists of six movements, notated in the song's title, all with its own unique and chilled vibe. There were 50 of these made on a label called featherspines (evidently not capitalized.) I picked this up after catching their set in the summer of 2008. I believe I picked up pretty much every bit of music they had to help them on their way across the west. I remember them being very weirded-out by my friends and I, but maybe they were just high. Who knows.

The Fertile Crescent - Lips Wide Moths Pour Out Mediafire