Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Changeling - Into Great Peace (2007)

Okay, well, here is another woozy drone one for you sleepyheads. This Changeling c20 was put out by Not Not Fun in 2007. There were 200 made. This has been previously blogged, but not discussed. That will not change by much by my hand either. Departing a bit from the typical psych-drone tape music found on NNF (no hate intended), this is a great meditative zone that incidentally sounds strikingly like its album art. Layered synths and guitar drones, making for a great, existential evening. A lot of this sort of thing came out around this time, but this was always a standout for me, hence why I own it. This is was a project of Roy Tatum, who has also been involved in Quintana Roo. I don't know if this psuedonym is still active. I didn't rip this because I am slipping up.

Changeling - Into Great Peace MediaFire

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nath Family - Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer Vol. 2 (2006)

While we're on the subject, here is another gifted one courtesy of Illinois, USA. If you're a connoisseur of aesthetic analyzing, you'll probably be able to guess that this one also came from Hanson. This is the second volume of what was apparently a hit piece of music recorded by Aaron Dilloway when he supposedly spent some time with "a family of snake charmers in Nepal." In a sense, this could be called a field recording, but let's not be hasty; while discussing this, a close friend suggested "travel recording" as a more accurate label, if you really would like one. A worthy release of genuine folk music from Kirtipur, it is a live recording of an impromptu snake charming show put on for Dilloway. Fascinating and enjoyable music.

Nath Family - Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer Vol. 2 MediaFire

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spine Scavenger - Spine Scavenger CS (2005)

Just last night was I inadvertently reminded that I even have a copy of this. My copy was gifted to me by an old pen pal from Illinois a few years ago, so I have her to thank for this one I suppose. Of course that was long after this Spine Scavenger tape was released on Hanson, but it is nonetheless relevant that I include it. What she sent from Illinois is an interesting side-project of Aaron Dilloway that vastly precedes his current work, which I haven't heard lately and likely will not venture to. This tape, in addition to a simultaneously released "full-length" entitled The Lodge (also courtesy of Hanson), was the pseudonyms first recorded output. Half noise, half sound experiments, half found sound. That's three halves, which is far and away more than anyone could bargain for. Interesting modulation somewhere along the line. You should listen to it once and then listen to it again at the same time and place next week, and then ponder where your life is going. I suppose that it should also be noted that Hanson is/was run by Aaron himself.

Spine Scavenger - Spine Scavenger CS MediaFire

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brave Irene - S/T EP (2011)

Although the headlines currently tell of a collapsing planet, the world could never be so dark as to disallow a new poppy Rose Melberg project. Avid readers of this blog (all two of you) are no doubt unfamiliar with Rose and my fanboy affection for her music. So you (the two of you) could only imagine my surprise to find that her latest fronted project, Vancouver-based Brave Irene, recently dropped their debut EP on Slumberland. No disappointment to be found in this record, which is a bold throwback to the best 90's twee, early Slumberland and K stuff. With artists like Rose, it's difficult not to use their name as a buzzword to speak lovingly of and promote their bands, but this all-girl quintet pull their collective weight and drive each song in their own way. The label noted the Flying Nun vibes going on with the keyboardist Jessica Wilkin, and they're not far off. Another pop banger with signature Melberg songwriting and nods to her past projects (surprisingly, Gaze are the first to come to my mind.)

I have a feeling this will sell out in a minute, so frolic over to Slumberland and get yourself a copy.

Brave Irene - S/T EP Mediafire
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Hesitation Wounds - Demo (2010)

"No frills" hardcore from the Bay Area to tag along with the likes of Yadokai and Vaccuum. It sounds like punk music and maybe you'll like it. There are five songs on this cassette and they are fast as well as loud, which makes sense. I can't hear what the vocalist is saying and you won't be able to either. Contrary to my previous entry, my wimpy cassette player sweated this seven-minute punishment out and with not much to show for it. I e-mailed this person to get a copy, so you should do the same. They are playing with Condominium this week.

Hesitation Wounds - Demo MediaFire

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Field of Hats - Ancillaries 2xCS (2008)

Howdy-ho. Whether or not "you" have missed my incessant updating (was it ever incessant to begin with?) is besides any point I will attempt to make in this update. Instead, I will jump straight to the music, which I'm sure you will enjoy.

I came upon this Field of Hats release not long after it was put it out by Arable in 2008. True to small-time psych-drone form, there were only 50 made, but I was lucky enough to snag a copy from the artist himself not long before they sold out. In my opinion, his later works haven't topped this release: this is slow-burning, contemplative drone for the deserted. The second track in particular, "Votary," has consistently remained one of my favorite tracks from its genre. It is a satisfying experience every time, but for reasons perhaps uncharacteristic of bare bones drone: the track is a mounting cacophony rather than a sparse meditation. The other three tracks are contradictory to "Votary" in that they are more typical, although they are nonetheless effective. Still, I think that "Votary" could be a release of itself and stand on its own.

Because my wimpy tape deck leaves something to be desired, I did not rip this particular release myself. Oh, mighty, fallen, etc.

Field of Hats - Ancillaries 2xCS MediaFire

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The One AM Radio - Loose Ends: Rare & Unreleased Tracks (2009)

As always, apologies for the lack of updates. Something is amiss in my existence and I find it necessary to concentrate my time and energy on other preoccupations. To tide you over, here is a companion post to the One AM Radio single that I shared some time ago. If my memory serves me well, this package was created in 2009 prior to the band's/man's tour that year. Utterly, characteristically sparse recordings that are most likely to appeal to longtime fans of the band than the causal meandering reader. The CD includes various covers, some more interesting than others, that I will leave you to ponder yourself. There were 55 of these CDs made. I am looking into my turntable problem and I hope to return to your respective worlds shortly.

The One AM Radio - Loose Ends: Rare & Unreleased Tracks