Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brave Irene - S/T EP (2011)

Although the headlines currently tell of a collapsing planet, the world could never be so dark as to disallow a new poppy Rose Melberg project. Avid readers of this blog (all two of you) are no doubt unfamiliar with Rose and my fanboy affection for her music. So you (the two of you) could only imagine my surprise to find that her latest fronted project, Vancouver-based Brave Irene, recently dropped their debut EP on Slumberland. No disappointment to be found in this record, which is a bold throwback to the best 90's twee, early Slumberland and K stuff. With artists like Rose, it's difficult not to use their name as a buzzword to speak lovingly of and promote their bands, but this all-girl quintet pull their collective weight and drive each song in their own way. The label noted the Flying Nun vibes going on with the keyboardist Jessica Wilkin, and they're not far off. Another pop banger with signature Melberg songwriting and nods to her past projects (surprisingly, Gaze are the first to come to my mind.)

I have a feeling this will sell out in a minute, so frolic over to Slumberland and get yourself a copy.

Brave Irene - S/T EP Mediafire
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L said...

I've never been disappointed with anything Rose M records, and I can't wait to give this latest effort a spin. Thanks so much for sharing.

ryan said...

here is a live tiger trap set i recorded ages ago. don't recall when exactly this was, but the sour grass EP was out. http://www.mediafire.com/?xnlzao3gtju

ryan said...

Ryan: it's funny, one of my friends gave me the exact same recording a few months ago... Really awesome set! Thanks for the link.