Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Changeling - Into Great Peace (2007)

Okay, well, here is another woozy drone one for you sleepyheads. This Changeling c20 was put out by Not Not Fun in 2007. There were 200 made. This has been previously blogged, but not discussed. That will not change by much by my hand either. Departing a bit from the typical psych-drone tape music found on NNF (no hate intended), this is a great meditative zone that incidentally sounds strikingly like its album art. Layered synths and guitar drones, making for a great, existential evening. A lot of this sort of thing came out around this time, but this was always a standout for me, hence why I own it. This is was a project of Roy Tatum, who has also been involved in Quintana Roo. I don't know if this psuedonym is still active. I didn't rip this because I am slipping up.

Changeling - Into Great Peace MediaFire

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