Friday, March 18, 2011

Spine Scavenger - Spine Scavenger CS (2005)

Just last night was I inadvertently reminded that I even have a copy of this. My copy was gifted to me by an old pen pal from Illinois a few years ago, so I have her to thank for this one I suppose. Of course that was long after this Spine Scavenger tape was released on Hanson, but it is nonetheless relevant that I include it. What she sent from Illinois is an interesting side-project of Aaron Dilloway that vastly precedes his current work, which I haven't heard lately and likely will not venture to. This tape, in addition to a simultaneously released "full-length" entitled The Lodge (also courtesy of Hanson), was the pseudonyms first recorded output. Half noise, half sound experiments, half found sound. That's three halves, which is far and away more than anyone could bargain for. Interesting modulation somewhere along the line. You should listen to it once and then listen to it again at the same time and place next week, and then ponder where your life is going. I suppose that it should also be noted that Hanson is/was run by Aaron himself.

Spine Scavenger - Spine Scavenger CS MediaFire

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