Sunday, March 13, 2011

Field of Hats - Ancillaries 2xCS (2008)

Howdy-ho. Whether or not "you" have missed my incessant updating (was it ever incessant to begin with?) is besides any point I will attempt to make in this update. Instead, I will jump straight to the music, which I'm sure you will enjoy.

I came upon this Field of Hats release not long after it was put it out by Arable in 2008. True to small-time psych-drone form, there were only 50 made, but I was lucky enough to snag a copy from the artist himself not long before they sold out. In my opinion, his later works haven't topped this release: this is slow-burning, contemplative drone for the deserted. The second track in particular, "Votary," has consistently remained one of my favorite tracks from its genre. It is a satisfying experience every time, but for reasons perhaps uncharacteristic of bare bones drone: the track is a mounting cacophony rather than a sparse meditation. The other three tracks are contradictory to "Votary" in that they are more typical, although they are nonetheless effective. Still, I think that "Votary" could be a release of itself and stand on its own.

Because my wimpy tape deck leaves something to be desired, I did not rip this particular release myself. Oh, mighty, fallen, etc.

Field of Hats - Ancillaries 2xCS MediaFire

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