Sunday, December 26, 2010

Single Mary - 4 Song E.P. (1987)

A genuinely mysterious quintet from Eugene, Oregon, Single Mary self-released this aptly named four song EP in 1987. Simple punk songs with synth, saxophone and male-female vocals. A brief search came up with no information for this band. There are probably a couple hiccups in this rip somewhere, but it should be fine other than that.

Single Mary - 4 Song E.P.


ronkleim said...

fI know these guys.
I'm from Eugene and formed the bands Surf Trio and Marble Orchard.

They made a video by director Les Kanekuni and I have the broadcast and interview from Local Eugene Cable Access TV.

Jon Wallace has a rock and roll club in Portland Oregon called "Duff's Garage.

Les Kanekuni said...

Yes, echo Ron. I also knew these guys. Single Mary was a power pop band in Eugene, Oregon in the mid to late '80s. Jon was in many bands like The Nads and Los Xplorers (as was Ron). They made this ep and later moved to L.A. Jon and Kathy later moved to Portland. Jon owns Duff's Garage, a rockabilly/country club. Their drummer played those awful '80s electronic drums.