Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thought Riot - The Dangerous Doctrine of Empathy E.P. (2003)

Here's a record I didn't even know existed, let alone ever heard of before I bought it. Thought Riot were an anarcho hardcore-esque band with members from Livermore and Modesto. They were a favorite of mine around the time their full-length Sketches of Undying Will came out. I believe they were on A-F Records at one point or another.. told you it was a long time ago. I only ever saw them once unfortunately, but it was a good time. They've been teetering on playing a reunion tour for the past couple years, but it hasn't happened apart from a one-off show on September 11th of this year, a show that I found out about a month too late. So much energy coming from these guys, despite the sentiments and sound aging too poorly for me. In any case, these guys ruled back in the day. Maybe you'll like this, maybe not... If it's any incentive, the flips are Fugazi (Burning Too) and Redemption 87 (The Plague) covers.

This EP was released on The Record Labelation from San Leandro, CA, a label run by a member (or members?) of Livermore's own Silent Film Stars. And that doesn't mean a thing to anyone not from Livermore...

Thought Riot - The Dangerous Doctrine of Empathy E.P.

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