Friday, December 3, 2010

V/A The View From Here: The San Francisco Compilation (1987)

Avid readers of an almighty blog that needs no introduction probably caught this record last year, so for those folks this is no news. Indeed, I am a bit disappointed to be the second (perhaps third) of the collective blogosphere to unleash this wacko slab on the world, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to add my own two cents. Besides, this gives me a chance to inadvertently remind readers of another San Francisco obscurity; as it turns out, White Stain's Wally Sound produced one of the songs on this compilation. Bet this guy is getting tired of his name being thrown around these parts... Anyway, lots of interesting new wave and punk-related sounds emanating from this. A couple, more familiar names like Camper Van Beethoven are thrown in among mostly San Francisco native unknowns, but all the more charm value. Catchy and occasionally campy, but entertaining one hundred percent of the time. This was released in 1987 on Medical Records. Here is the tracklisting which I will now unabashedly copy from the aforementioned blog:

01. Pray For Rain - 2 Steps Forward
02. The Naked Into - Dark Comes Down
03. Vox Humana - Concept Day
04. Camper Van Beethoven - Happiness Is a Porpoise Mouth

05. The Ophelias - Palindrome
06. Standing Naked - Soul
07. Tooth & Nail - Stuck in a Nightmare
08. Kelley Gabriel & Clocks of Paradise - Sandra
09. Hold My Head, It Hurts - Carnival Ride
10. The Sneetches - I Need Someone
11. The McGuires - Garbage Man

12. Spot 1019 - Taste the Feel
13. Child Support - Classified Information
14. Blue Movie - Dog Song

V/A The View From Here: The San Francisco Compilation MediaFire

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