Sunday, October 17, 2010

Megapost #2: Bay Area/Not Quite Bay Area DIY Emo & Screamo from 2005 - 2010

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive post. The title should have "that I have copies of" at the end to be a little more accurate, but I thought that would look silly. An ear-to-the-ground screamo geek in the Bay Area that's been conscious for the last few years might recognize some of these. And if not, here's a gift from me to you.

A recent outing to the first screamo-related show I had been to in months prompted me to rip my old demos and EPs by bands that I've met over the years. These bands did, and some still continue to do, DIY punk like it should be, and unless I'm mistaken all of these CDs were handmade, heartfelt jobs that are worth every penny I spent on them when they were new. And these guys always had tables full of stuff, be it music, artwork or whatever. I have so much attached to this music, it's ridiculous; the above picture along brings out a lot. I'm reminded of the last few years, the friends I made, the strange places I went, all the spaces around the Bay Area we discovered - a whole network of kids with enough positivity to power the houses they played in. I digress, though, as I'm speaking as if those memories are a thing of the past - they are as much the present as they were four, five years ago.

This is almost a vanity post, since I consider some of these people friends, and since I am also sharing the latest John Cota tape in this entry, which incidentally is their whole, remastered discography. Even though this may be a little more for me than it is for anyone else, I hope I can provide enjoyment to someone else by sharing this music. That being said, there are still so many more bands whose music I didn't pick up way back when. Some of these bands intertwine and often played with each other, so it's a given that, with a little digging, you're bound to find more. And go buy some of their music! Some of these bands are still together and still tour with other bands. Every person in these bands, that I've personally met and even those I haven't, were genuine, enthusiastic people who made great music free from ego, image, aesthetic, and other bogus stuff.

The following means a lot to me.

John Cota - "2009" Tape/Remastered Discography (these are the MP3 masters - thanks Max)

Home Is Colored Gold - Spring Tour Demo (this didn't come with a tracklisting, and I couldn't find one on the Internet - sorry!) - one member went onto John Cota
I Was The Explosion - Three Songs - one member went onto John Cota
Moldar - Last Five
Matsuri - Demo (this was their first, first demo I believe. I think their later demo had four songs, while this one only has three.)
Nord Mariner - 4 Songs
Nord Mariner - S/T CD - Redwood City emo band, who, unless I'm mistaken, are on hiatus but not broken up.
John Cota - Demo CD
John Cota - Tour CD
Matsuri/Moldar - Summer Tour 09 Live - great live recordings from last year, but I don't know where from
Moldar/Calculator Split


Anonymous said...

some of these links are messed up, could you re up the john cota discog tape rip, and the 3 below it?

ryan said...

are you certain they're erroneous? I just checked them and they seem to be fine. give it another try.

or do you mean that the tags are screwed up?

Anonymous said...

oh wait, nevermind, it was just my browser..sorry.

ryan said...

actually, you were partly right. the Nord Mariner S/T and I Was The Explosion demo were both duplicates of a couple other downloads. that's been fixed. sorry to everyone who wanted those and missed out the first time!

Anonymous said...

i love this post. i can give you the tracklist for the HICG if you need.
AIM - cashcrashburn

We love drugs and stuff said...

Can you give me more info on I was the explosion. the three songs file only has 2