Monday, October 4, 2010

Rodney and the Brunettes - Little G.T.O. 7" (1978)

This is an interesting one that was fun to research. I was sorting through the stacks yet again at my favorite spot when the owner came out with a stack of 45s he thought I'd be interested in, marked way down of course. The only one I bought was this one, mostly because it was the only original of the bunch but also because I had no idea what it was despite it being on Bomp! On a side note, there was a copy of that complimentary live Jam EP stuck in there, but I'm a stickler for condition so I left it as well.

Rodney Bingenheimer was (well, is; he's not dead) a prolific DJ in the Los Angeles area who was heralded as being the "Mayor of the Sunset Strip" at the height of his fame. He gained notoriety for his radio personality and was friends with celebrities galore. He helped along lots of now noted punk bands that were just starting out at the time, the Germs being one of them I believe. Anyway, what I originally thought was a legitimate band called Rodney and the Brunettes turned out to be Rodney Bingenheimer performing a cover of the song "Little GTO" with Blondie in his backing band. Blondie put out this single with Rodney after he promoted their band extensively; this record was how they thanked him. The single was written by surf group Ronny & The Daytonas (more specifically John Wilkin), so you can put two and two together on the name similarities. The flip, "Holocaust on Sunset Blvd.," is cool and all, but I think that you can safely skip it. That is, unless you're a rabid fan of Southern Californian accents...

Rodney and the Brunettes - Little G.T.O. 7" MediaFire

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