Friday, October 15, 2010

Bill Nelson's Red Noise - Revolt Into Style 7" (1979)

Stopped in to say hello at my favorite spot again this evening and ended up leaving with this interesting piece. Bill Nelson's Red Noise was fronted by guitarist Bill Nelson, who was a member of Be-Bop Deluxe prior to this eponymous project. The band released two singles as well as an LP, and all in 1979 apparently. Definitely falls into the new wave file, but Bill's music pushes the boundaries of the genre a bit on this single, touching on punk and synth pop tendencies throughout. Very aggressive, guitar- and synth-based music. All in all, a few bucks well spent. Not crazy about it, but it's not bad!

Bill Nelson's Red Noise - Revolt Into Style 7" MediaFire


Luis V. said...

Thanks for uploading this.

I'm looking for the lyrics to Bill Nelson, but can not find
any suggestions?

cheers from México.

ryan said...

Luis V.,

unfortunately, neither of the Bill Nelson-related records I own have lyrics with them. good luck with your search.