Monday, October 25, 2010

Zumpano - Wraparound Shades 7" (1994)

Before the New Pornographers, Carl Newman fronted another, lesser known Canadian Sub Pop band. That band was called Zumpano, a quartet that released this single and two albums within only a few years during the early nineties. Their album "Look What the Rookie Did" is up there as one of my favorite pop-oriented albums (in a long, long list), despite its rough concept and execution. Newman obviously bloomed later in his career, but his talent still shone through in his earlier efforts. This single, "Wraparound Shades," is backed with a rare cover of "Orange Air" by Jimmy Webb, a man who has recorded a million other songs in his lifetime.

Zumpano - Wraparound Shades 7" MediaFire


westmont said...

i remember winning this 7" from the radio program brave new waves.

Scraps said...

I like Goin' Through Changes even more than Rookie. God, what a beautiful song "Brocca's Ways" is!