Friday, October 8, 2010

Names For Pebbles - Mods and Miniskirts EP (1996)

A very short-lived New Haven pop group fronted by someone named Joey Maddalena, who I suppose must be pretty famous somewhere in this crazy world. Pretty abrasive recordings with some garage rock influence here and there, poppy hooks and oddball musicians. You'll get what I mean by that last part by the second song, maybe; the keyboard bits are gem. This was their second record, was one-sided, and was hand-numbered out of one-hundred-and-fifty. This record was released by Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club!, the same label that put out some of Six Cents and Natalie's music. Hey, anyone ever work at Target?

Names for Pebbles - Mods and Miniskirts EP

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Jon said...

Holy shit, thank you! Heard a tune by them on the Cher Doll comp Something Cool and was really curious to hear more