Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Candyland Carcrash - S/T 7" (1996)

This has been passed around for years now, you're right. But the reasoning behind this entry is twofold: for one, I don't much feel like talking about my next share right now, and for another, I'm excited to finally get my hands on a copy of this. This is one of my favorite records from the genre and era, and if you're looking at this, you probably know what it is. It's also my chance to rip this for myself and simultaneously rid myself of the rip that's been tossed around the Internet all this time. There are three songs on this record, not two, and the B-side is "The Pain Will Double If You Leave Me Now," which has been incorrectly titled as the first track on the A-side, "Baffled on the Seventh Floor." The second track on the A-side is titled "Mine" I think; the insert's font is so hard to decipher. Some people say the track is titled "Science," but I don't think so. I guess you could say that the B-side also has two tracks, as there's groove split near the end with only the sound of feedback recorded to it, but I don't think that counts... Enjoy.

This is was released on Clay Garden, the same label that released a Channel 7" . On a side note, the copy I got of this record came with an insert from the late Very Distro, advertising the "new" Starkweather record. Thought that was cool...

The Candyland Carcrash - S/T 7"

And here are the raw, unedited .WAV files if you prefer. I tried to do the recording justice, but I realize that I could have done a bit better.


JOJOFACE said...

Hey, thanks for this! I'm trying to find really solid evidence on the tracks, though. Can you scan the tracklisting or take a really quality photo we could check together? Thanks man. /nerd

ryan said...


i will take a scan of the insert right now. i believe one still floats around every so often, but as i'm unable to turn it up i will just scan it again. will post back in a few minutes.

ryan said...


here is a MediaFire link to the scan: - it is 40MB and far too large to host on most standard hosts.

some notes - I had my scanner increase contrast of the output image because, even in person, the insert is fuzzy and mostly illegible. so, the insert is NOT as dark is it appears. it is actually very grey, very Xeroxed, and very difficult to read.

as you can see, there are three songs, listed like so:

side a
baffled on the seventh floor

side b
the pain will double if you leave me now

it is my opinion that the second track clearly starts with the letter "m." there is no doubt in in my mind that could not be "s," and given the length of the title, "mine" is more feasible. i doubt there will be an argument regarding the other track titles; i would say those are distinct despite the poor choice of font.

my copy doesn't have a lyric insert, and to my knowledge there never was one. it does come with a insert from the late Very Distro - a blast from the not so far away past! that insert is advertising the "new" Starkweather album "Into The Wire," which was released in 1995. so I'd say the Very insert is from 1996 or later, but likely not much later.

finally, the back side of the scanned insert is also hard to read, although i am able to make out most of it:

"I've tried seventeen times. I only place the blame because I have to. *Everyone keeps?* me safer than *?*, plastic melts much faster than that. The traffic is always worse on the way to your house ............."

that last bit is particularly charming, don't you think?

/bigger nerd,

ryan said...

oh! and on a side note, if you're not sure about the second track - compare the first letter of "mine" to the first letter of "seventh" found in the first track. polar opposites, no?

JOJOFACE said...

Dude, holy shit. You rule so hard. Thank you.

Wow, this insert is frustratingly low quality and difficult to read (though, to be fair, that's extremely emo). Thanks for the contrast filter, too.

And, I have to agree with you. The title has to be "Mine". I really appreciate you doing this, and your rip is wonderful, thank you. Lets spread this around and get everyone on the same page, yeah? Thanks, again.

Anonymous said...