Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nerdy Girl - Dime Store Hussy 7" (1996)

Okay. I have a solid hour before work, it's a gloomy, rainy day outside, and I'm currently burying myself and my sorrows in records before I spend my Sunday standing around for a few hours. What better time could there be to share another twee pop EP? Nerdy Girl was, maybe is, a pop quartet from Montreal that was, maybe is, fronted by Cecil Seaskull. Such a sweet voice on this girl, definitely a perfect fit for the music she's playing. This record was a split release with No Life and Janken Pon records, the former from Los Angeles and the latter from Montreal. Three down-tempo, sweetheart pop tunes for the long, incoming winter. Enjoy your Sunday.

For the obsessive compulsive (read: me), I accidentally put the release date on the folder and the tags at 1995, when in fact it's 1996. Who cares, but sorry!

Nerdy Girl - Dime Store Hussy 7" MediaFire

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