Saturday, November 13, 2010

Surgery - Little Debbie 7" (1992)

Here's a loud one from the Nirvana-era wave of sloppy, noisy punk. Surgery was a New York band that, before jumping to Atlantic Records, put out a series of records on Amphetamine Reptile Records, this single being one of them. They were a band from the late 80's until 1995, when their frontman passed away. The single draws likeness to bands like Tar and Cows, although with a more alt. rock/grunge lean, with loud, repugnant guitar, scummy vocals, and maybe a little hint of humor thrown in. Pretty good underground alternative rock that never quite made it commercially, but is nonetheless dirty, catchy, heavy goodness fit for the ears. Shame about the cover though, huh? But I'm not complaining, this was a freebie. Apologies for the bit of surface noise.

Surgery - Little Debbie 7" MediaFire

EDIT 11/20: And I just now realized that I had a YouTube link up there the whole time. Hoo boy.

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