Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Get Up Kids - Loveteller 7" (1996)

Once upon a time, I stupidly threw a copy of this record across the Pacific Ocean and never saw it again. Now, thanks to a special someone, I got another copy of what is probably one of my favorite singles. There's no doubt in my mind that the Get Up Kids are a household name by now, so I'll spare you the introduction. It's criminal that this song, "A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts," often goes unnoticed when new listeners peruse this band's discography. If you've never heard it or you're looking for a place to start, jump on this opportunity. This band has been and will always, unabashedly, be one of my favorites.

This record saw a lofty series of reissues - six total - and was put out by Contrast Records in 1996. This was the band's first single and, as far as I know, their first recorded output.

I don't know if anyone was alert to it, but my latest entry, Pavement's "Summer Babe" single, was deleted per a DMCA takedown notice from Blogger. I guess Matador doesn't like sharing as much as I do! But anyway, like I said in my last entry, expect a slight lapse in updates for the remainder of the month and into December, as I need to concentrate on end-of-the-semester business.

The Get Up Kids - Loveteller 7" MediaFire


L said...

Didn't know the Get Up Kids - thanks for the intro.

Anonymous said...

I love The Get Up Kids. However, this is their second single. Their first was "Shorty" recorded with their original drummer.