Monday, July 19, 2010

Weed Hounds - Beach Bummed 7"

Weed Hounds, it seems, have quickly become a very familiar name. Their newest 7", this one, has already been passed around, consumed and digested in the so-called blogosphere, but I don't think it'll hurt if I throw my own comments into the mix. Taking obvious influence from 90's fuzz-y giants like My Bloody Valentine, Weed Hounds produce contemporary shoegaze-tinged pop diddys especially reminiscent of Black Tambourine. The big difference is that Weed Hounds seem to travel down a more pop-oriented, summer themed road. Also, as soon as I put on Beach Bummed, I was immediately reminded of the 1991 single Granny 9X by Seam. It was peculiar how similar the introductions to those songs were, although no plagiarism was involved of course; just scary similarities. Besides, Beach Bummed, like its B-side Skating Away From The Cops, is a lo-fi summery tune as opposed to slowcore dynamite. This 7" seems like just the thing for a lonely summer day, when everyone is gone and you're hanging out under the shade... or something. Can't wait to see what's next with this band; if I'm not mistaken, a full-length is coming up.

Weed Hounds - Beach Bummed 7"
Weed Hounds - MySpace

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