Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hulaboy - Slip It Inside 7"

A limited edition single on Sticky Records by the Boyracer and Hula Hoop side-project, Hulaboy. Get it? Imagine my surprise, coming upon this in a hole in the wall shop for a quarter! I believe both of these songs are recorded live given the sound check (??? you'll see) and laughter from an audience at the beginning of the first song. This was released alongside their Mermaid Girl single which I admit I like a little bit more. Pop-oriented rock music. Signature Boyracer vocals on the second track. Apparently this project is still active. This is technically one sided; the record has two sides, but has the same songs on both.

Hulaboy - Slip It Inside 7" Mediafire


nicholab said...

nice... i see yr back in action, then?

ryan said...

not 100% - this was the last record I was able to rip and I had this entry saved as a draft. my turntable is still broken, but I will continue to rip CDs until the fall semester begins. thanks for reading.