Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Company of Heroes - S/T (2006)

Per the previous entry, here is another oldie, and probably the only other instance of screamo discussion on this blog unless I dig up something else notable. A Company of Heroes passed through one fine summer evening in 2006 with (*the*) Kidcrash and Arse Moreira while those bands were on tour together. The notability of that alone is twofold: first, that Kidcrash passed through my tiny insignificant hamlet, and second, that they were at the top of their game back then. But I digress since that was the first and last time I saw/listened to them. I believe that A Company of Heroes opened the show, totally stealing the thunder from the locals' egos by being a remarkably tough act to follow.

I am halfway kidding, but in all seriousness, for being a band that continued to beat the still beaten horse, something I partook in myself for a time (hell, still do), they did a very good job. This was halfway through a decade that saw the rise of bands like Funeral Diner and Orchid, as well as people who were so earnest in their quest to educate the masses by spreading the word about "real screamo"... Wedged between the heaps of monotony and screachings of Half Moon Bayinite heavyweights were this little known quartet that stepped in for a moment then gradually faded away, leaving only this handsome package (pictured above) in their wake.

(Take note any bandanas and gym shorts in this video... mid-2000's, I do not miss you)

I haven't the slightest clue whether or not this band is still active. As far as how the album sounds... even speaking on it now I can say with confidence that it's a very firm work that can still hold its own four years later. The absolutely shrill, desperate vocals of Bryan Goss wrap together these nine standard, though sophisticated screamo compositions tightly; something about his voice alone does it for me, regardless of what he's saying. Besides the music, the CD was put in a hand made package with a taped-on photo, stamped label on the back, professionally printed CDs and a fancy insert on wax paper... all for $7, but I (or was it my brother?) paid $5 because I didn't have enough on me. Also, Final Fantasy-themed track titles.

A Company of Heroes - A Company of Heroes
A Company of Heroes - MySpace

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