Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hijack The Disco - Working Is Easy (2004)

Switching back to sentimental feelings for a little while, and sharing some more little-known bands that passed through my town in the early 2000's. I'm cruising all the way back to 2004 or 2005 for this one. Hijack The Disco played a show at a now-defunct pizza shop in town that, if I'm not mistaken, presented about nine bands for $4. I tried looking for the flyer, but came up with nothing unfortunately. I'll keep looking.

Despite my blurry memory, I remember this band putting on a reasonable set. Although I was lost in a haze of oi! punk and screamo (more on that in a later update) back then and thus had a temporary disinterest in pop music at the time, I was nonetheless impressed with this Oakland threesome's (?) alternative rock-oriented pop tunes. I was also quite broke at the time, and I couldn't afford their new album, so I was only able to pick up this EP, Working Is Easy, for the cheap price of $3. A few bucks well spent, as this EP turned out to be a five-song gem of quality, imagery ridden pop music worthy of praise. Crisp, cleanly executed with catchy hooks and variegated moods.

Another popular band around this time was Panic! At The Disco. No, I am not a fan myself, but many other people were, so much so that Hijack The Disco apparently garnered some confusion regarding the name conflict. To dispel this, the band changed their name to HIJK, and thus they have been ever since. I have neither seen nor heard them since watching the aforementioned set many years ago, but I trust the band is doing well.

Hijack The Disco - Working Is Easy Mediafire
HIJK - MySpace

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