Friday, August 20, 2010

Plutocracy - Off The Pigs 12" (2010)

Jumping from the reminiscing to share the new Plutocracy EP, which finally arrived at my doorstep this morning. Six cuts of anarcho grindcore the way only Plutocracy can do it. It's no Sniping Pigz, but it's still rad. Any fan of hardcore or grind at all will dig this, I'm 100% certain. I'm too exhausted to say much more. Enjoy.

Plutocracy - Off The Pigs 12" MediaFire

(To the one person who downloaded the previous file: sorry, download this again. I made a mistake on the track "Dank Upon a Time" and forgot to split it from the rest of the B-side. That's the last time I update at five in the morning.)

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