Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Softies - He'll Never Have To Know EP

No doubt a familiar name and record to anyone who doesn't live under a rock, or just listens to pop music. This particular Softies EP was released in 1995 on K and was only preceded by their Loveseat 7" on Slumberland. Four twee pop tunes done the only way the Softies could do them: cute, sweet and incessantly melancholy. I can always count on Rose Melberg to take a upbeat melody and render it into a nostalgic anthem of teenage longing. This is the first record of theirs I've had the pleasure of adding to my collection, so I'm more than happy to share it with readers who may be unfamiliar, or those who lack quality MP3s of the recordings.

The Softies - He'll Never Have To Know EP Mediafire

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