Friday, July 9, 2010

The Raymond Brake - New Wave Dream b/w Secret

Any hardcore peruse-r of North Carolina indie rock, or perhaps just 90's indie rock in general may recognize this Polvo-worship band. The Raymond Brake were just a group of kids playing instruments in their garage it seems like - barely nineteen and twenty - and yet they displayed enough skill to rank up with their big name contemporaries. I was happy to snatch this from a Discogs user about a week ago for a fair $6 or so. I got a bit more than I bargained for, too, getting a early version of their fantastic song "New Wave Dream," this one being an old recording that I hadn't heard before. While the rendition here isn't my favorite, the B-side "Secret" makes up for it, delivering a clean and melodic diddy a little reminiscent (at least in my opinion) of Superchunk if they were prepubescent. A really great single that I'm glad to have gotten my hands on. Now if I could just get their full-length, Piles of Dirty Winters, I would be a much happier man.

Here is a more woozy, superior, dreamy version of New Wave Dream from the aforementioned full-length:

The Raymond Brake - New Wave Dream b/w Secret MediaFire

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Anonymous said...

This is my favorite North Carolina band and that's a long list to be at the top of. I've never even heard of this 7" before so thank you so much.