Sunday, July 11, 2010

Further - Filling Station

Hoo boy. Where to begin? Well, first of all, if you haven't heard this record or the ever obscure Further at all, it's very important for you to do so. What better place to start than here, with their first 7" on Bong Load Records from 1992, which delivers two slices of brilliantly executed 90's indie rock rife with poppy hooks... Honestly, I'm trying to do this record/band justice, but there are only so many words I can use. This record also differs a bit from their later material which tends to be more sloppy, noisy and unrestricted (three perfectly fine qualities by me.) This record is a bit more cohesive and probably what stuck them with the stigma that they were ripping off bands like Dinosaur Jr. "Filling Station" builds you up slowly, keeps you high, and "The Sad Truth" sends you out in a wobbly, cynical alt. rock haze.

Further - Filling Station 7" Mediafire

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Bodhi said...

I have this record and I agree....but one of their soon-after releases "Over and Out", brings a punky punch to all your aforementioned attributes....a truly brilliant band!