Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Sweet Breath - Go Away 7" (1996)

A quick single from this very overlooked lo-fi indie band out of Seattle. New Sweet Breath were one of many nobody bands that migrated to Seattle in the 90s to play music. And like so many of those bands, they went virtually unnoticed despite several singles, EPs and three full-length albums (incidentally, the second of which I recently picked up, still sealed.) Already beautiful praised in the blogosphere, here tonight is their second single, which is over before you hit the play button again. No kidding, "Go Away" is a zippy expressway to yr skull... well, what I mean is, it's catchy and melodic like any good single is, although rife with distortion and fuzzy goodness. The flip side is a little heavier and maintains the band's noisy, melodic charm throughout its two minutes. The aforementioned blog noted a similarity to Husker Du, a comparison some may not take lightly but one that I can agree with. Really, though, if you're any sort of fan of any 90s indie, like along the lines of early Superchunk or Built to Spill even, you're bound to enjoy this band as well. I have nearly all of this band's singles, but if you're eager, head over to Willfully Obscure and snatch them up.

New Sweet Breath - Go Away 7" MediaFire