Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Answer Lies/Tulsa Split 7" (2007)

The writing on the price sticker more or less sums this split up: "Bay Area Hickey Worship vs. Desert Fastcore." A bargain at any price under two dollars, this split features a bipolar mix: The Answer Lies busts out four aggressive DIY hardcore on their side, while Tulsa slow down the tempo and the mood with three punk-leaning, heart-bleeding "folk punk" tunes. The cover features an overgrown tostada laying waste, which was drawn by Mitch Clem (oooooh, fancy.) Great stuff all around! Might be out of print, but I know my copy is from the second pressing. Don't know why there is a hiccup near the end of the Answer Lies side. Looks like you can still get copies from Interpunk... so... there's that...

The Answer Lies/Tulsa Split 7" MediaFire

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