Sunday, May 15, 2011

Neo Cons - S/T 7" (2011)

After a long, coffee- and frustration-fueled excursion into the world of hardware drivers and support forums, I managed to trick my computer into doing what I wanted it to do. In other words, I am able to rip records again! On a side note, I managed to rack up more followers just letting this blog fester than I ever did updating frequently - 'sup with that, eh?

Here is a long overdue treat for the sound-starved. I was unaware of this record's release prior to seeing it pop up in a Katorga Works distro update a couple months ago, a fact which I am ashamed to admit given Neo Cons have been opening up punk shows in the Bay Area since... well, near the beginning of last year, I think. I neglected to pick up their demo in hopes that it would eventually be sold in distros as well, but it was my own fault for not throwing the band a few bucks directly.

I did have the pleasure of seeing Neo Cons recently on School Jerks' stop in the Bay Area in February of this year. Mind blowing performance: an energetic vocalist with a snarkiness to boot, groovy bass lines, simple riffs with inherent melodics, loud loud loud - everything no one would expect out of an opener and more.

This record complements those sentiments: six crunchy hardcore jams that keep it simple, but certainly not primitive. I don't know if this is still available (edit: it is), but below is a link to the band's blog if you want to get in touch.

It's May and there's ice coming out of the sky in California.

Neo Cons - S/T 7" Mediafire
Neo Cons - Blogspot
Neo Cons - Buy It

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