Thursday, May 19, 2011

Milkways - Milkways LP (1978)

Tonight, here is a real treat and one of my favorites: the sole LP of French space disco band Milkways. Disregarding tenets of corniness and evidently shirts as well, this mysterious trio, whose members go unnamed, composed these eight smooth and dreamy synth-based jams and drifted into the void. This is ripped from an original copy of the record, which was later repressed as "Galactic Reaction" in the early 80's. "Dance in the Milkway" and "Astroport" are definite standouts, but the album as a whole is a certified gem of the genre, which was as short-lived and niche-y as other obvious European subgenres. All in all, though, if you're a fan of synthesizer music. this is potentially a new favorite for you; regrettably, the specific instruments used on the record aren't listed anywhere. I am aware this has been blogged before, but I am hoping to expose this to an otherwise unsuspecting audience. Really, if you're reading this and don't already know what it is, I encourage you to give it at least one listen.

I should also note that while the last two tracks are tracks in and of themselves, it was difficult to discern when the tracks split. As such, I combined the two; you likely will be unable to tell the difference. Admittedly, though, this is just laziness: the length of both tracks are plastered all over the record.

Milkways - Milkways LP MediaFire

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MCJenkins said...

French space disco was a genre I was completely unaware of, until now... :)