Monday, May 23, 2011

Fearless Iranians From Hell - Die For Allah (1987)

In light of recent events (yeah... why not), here tonight is a largely overlooked Texas band, led by an Iranian immigrant, from Berkeley's Boner Records label. About two years ago, I lucked out and picked up this Fearless Iranians From Hell LP, as well their second LP Holy War (which people seem to like more than this one), from a hole in the wall shop after a couple months of seeing it and several price markdowns. At one point, both were being sold for an upwards of $75 respectively. Ridiculous, actually. Even more ridiculous is, again, how utterly overlooked this band is, given their sound being similar to other satirical, more popular crossover thrash of the 80s and beyond, although I think they lean toward hardcore more than anything. It is perhaps for that reason that I favor this band over most other crossover bands, never mind the pop leanings present in their songwriting as well. If you haven't already figured it out, these are Americans pointing out the flawed relationship between U.S. and Iran through blatantly satirical songwriting (see OPEC.) A small step above songs about pizza and weed, wouldn't you say? Just kidding. The band no doubt sought to spark reaction and thought through their music, and what reactions they did accrue:
We were attacked by police, protesters, skinheads, right-wing radio hosts, left-wing college boy bands who were too caught up in their seriousness to get what we were doing, gangs, religious organizations, promoters...hell, Fearless Iranians From Hell album covers were even featured in PTA slide-shows portraying the evils of rock 'n' roll. Mission accomplished. (source)
Sorry about the hiccups, I tried.

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