Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Repeat Offenders - So Long, Suzie Wong 7" (1982)

Another new wave-related single, albeit a less obscure one. Repeat Offenders were a five-piece band from San Francisco. As far as I can tell, they released this one single, contributed to a compilation, and then broke up in 1986. More on the new wave side than the previous entry, the single (also like the previous entry) has two cuts of female-fronted, poppy new wave stuff. I'm not sure whether they were purposely trying to be humorous, but the synonymous track makes me think so. W. K. Wong's got a great voice on these tracks though; that did it for me.

This was self-released on R.O. Records. Think about it.

Repeat Offenders - So Long, Suzie Wong 7" MediaFire

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Anonymous said...

Wow! An actual "in the wild" sighting.
Yes, often the Repeat Offenders wrote songs with a sense of humor peeking through. Largely a social and political humor context, though the song So Long, Suzy Wong was to the best of my recollection an examination of Asian self image as imposed by western stereotyping. Musical and lyrical ribbing is somewhat evident.
They also had a song (that never made it to a record?) called "Somoza is dead now (you can't get him out of his car)",