Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hydroplane - Failed Adventure 7" (1998)

I'll hastily admit that I bought this one a few years ago solely for its in-store description: "NICE FEMAIL VOCALS, DRONEY, SPACE ROCK..." That's verbatim, friends. I guess record store employees aren't exactly hailed for their literacy. Regardless, here we have a haunting single from Hydroplane, a band that, regrettably, I'm unfamiliar with. Incidentally, I'm am familiar with a band that preceded this one, The Cat's Miaow, a Melbourne twee-pop extravaganza.

Strange, how those sort of coincidences work out sometimes. Even stranger is the blatant musical about face in comparison, with Miaow churning twee... butter (heh, sorry) and Hydroplane conjuring slow-burning, Dead Can Dance-esque minimal dream pop as downer as it comes. I can't speak for their albums as I haven't heard them (yet), but this single gives one a good idea. "Failed Adventure" is creeping and anti-climactic, a long, droning trudge backed with Kerrie Bolton's longing crooning. The flip side, "Now You Know All That You Need to Know," is bare bones, mainly made up of one faint drone and electronic beats, and is a bit of a throwaway, although not without its own melancholy merits. Made me think, perhaps the band recalling its past a bit? Maybe not.

This record was Elefant Records #97. Can't quite place this band next to anything genuinely similar, but it'll come to you.

Hydroplane - Failed Adventure 7" MediaFire

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L said...

That is really odd that this would have grown out of The Cat's Miaow. I love Miaow - many of their tunes have a similar sound, but I love that spare echo-ey twee sound.