Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Knit Separates - Maybe In Time I Could Change & The Memory Relaxer 7"

The Knit Separates were a band from San Francisco that, oddly enough, included a member of Social Unrest. (Incidentally, I just passed up an opportunity to pick up that band's SU-2000 LP yesterday...) While Social Unrest played pretty standard 80's hardcore in Berkeley, the Knit Separates go in a completely different direction. These two 7"s are great and, I daresay, abstract examples of the "lo-fi" sound that was reigning during the early-to-mid 90's.

On a side note, I use the term lo-fi with slight reluctance, as it's a word that I have superficial problems with. What could be called lo-fi back when and what is called lo-fi now are two different things. In my opinion, it is something that is now applied aesthetically, and as a means of projecting a band's image. And besides that, it's a rather stupid term. With that said, let's move on.

These records are very interesting to me, although there is nothing complex nor particularly profound about these recordings. However, it's their unrefined, minimal qualities that make them as beautiful and genuine as bands like Un. Both bands have a similar, simplistic sound that relies mostly on twangy strummed guitar and a vaguely distracted vocalist. The remarkable difference them is that this band presents itself as quite humble. I gather that this was a group of musicians from different backgrounds, although similar scenery, who perhaps settled down and wrote down the melodies that had been festering inside them in the background for years. Maybe, maybe. This band is a bit of a mystery and it was difficult to pull up anything personal about them.

In any case, both records are worth a shot for anyone interested in recent outsider music with pop tendencies. The first, Maybe In Time I Could Change, from 1997, is overtly sad, short, straightforward and a little poppy at times. The second, The Memory Relaxer, from the same year, is a lot quieter, toned down and elongated. The band released their music exclusively on 3 Acre Floor Records.

By the way, I highly recommend the new Pregnant LP to be on your upcoming playlist.

The Knit Separates - Maybe In Time I Could Change 7" MediaFire
The Knit Separates - The Memory Relaxer 7" MediaFire
The Knit Separates - Biography

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you must hunt down their most stunning achievement: "swords, then diamonds."