Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Church - Columbus 7" Promo

Dug through Amoebas stacks three years ago and came upon one of the many versions of this single. The flip is supposed to be "As You Will" like the original, but is instead an edited version of the single. Cool huh? Not too cool, the edited version is mostly just the same single, except it's been trimmed down, probably for radio play. Still, a rarity, and a great single for fans and newcomers alike. A great, early single from this band who inadvertently spawned a plethora of sub par succeeding bands. For the curious, this is the W.B. (abbreviated for the sake of dispelling any potential attention it may reel in) promo; more information can be found here. Don't kill me, Kilbey.

The Church - Columbus 7" Promo MediaFire

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