Monday, September 6, 2010

Linda Smith - Till Another Time 7"

A little less on the obscure side this time around, with this largely overlooked Linda Smith single on Slumberland. According to the bio, Smith was in a folk band called the Woods (not that Woods) before departing and incorporating her folk prowess with 90's minimalist lo-fi of the jangly twee kind. A taped solo effort, Smith relies on strummed guitar, tambourine, keyboard beeps and beats, as well as some reverb just as a sprinkle on top. Plus, it's on 90's Slumberland; if this is a mystery, that alone makes it worth a listen or two. A pretty standard pop single, but one that is not without its merits. The single may remind one of the shoegazey side of the Slumberland roster during the early nineties, while the flips are a lot lighter and more pop-oriented. This was Slumberland #16 and it's still in print. Tell me what you think after you count how many alliterations were inadvertently used in this entry.

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L said...

Yet another treat - thanks much.