Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Loma Prieta - Life/Less LP (2010)

Loma Prieta were kind enough to sell test pressings of their newest LP, "Life/Less," to the general public three weeks before its proper release. Needless to say, the record fantastic; it's much harder and more developed than anything else they've put out. It's great to see this band growing and advancing instead of taking a step backwards like some of their peers. I am not at all disappointed with this record, and we're talking about screamo in 2010. Loma Prieta is probably the only Bay Area screamo band that I still enjoy (incidentally, this is the only time that I'll be posting screamo on this blog.)

Here it is if you'd like to hear it early. If you like this record (and you will), please buy it the second it comes out. Go to their upcoming shows and buy some of their merch. Send them money through the post if you're a shut in like me. Lastly, take a cold shower and wash this off your conscience like I am about to.

Loma Prieta - Life/Less 12" Mediafire

Some people have said that the B-side tracks are quieter than the A-side tracks. If you want to hear them louder, click here for a link to another/better rip that isn't mine. And if you don't like vinyl rips, then buy yourself a copy. Problem solved.


Mace said...

I stole it from here: http://behemothskin.blogspot.com/2010/06/loma-prieta-lifeless-12.html

Александр Сергеевич Витя said...

thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very mutch! (from Russia)