Sunday, June 6, 2010

Carnal Knowledge - Demo (2007)

Reaching a bit farther back in time for this one. I picked this six-song demo up at Gilman about two or three years ago. I want to say it was a Pinhead Gunpowder show, but I can't be sure; however, I am currently in the process of having vivid flashbacks of patch jackets, underage drinking, and run-ins with multiple ex-girlfriends, so I have a feeling I'm not far off. In any case, this particular band, Carnal Knowledge, opened the show and blew the prepubescent crowd away with contemporary riot grrrl-worship hardcore from New York. This is definitely some angry, effective stuff, with lyrics rife with feminist politics and hatred for sexism and patriarchy. Dual vocals, too - always a plus in my book, especially when they're as well done and complimentary as they are on these recordings. I remember one of the vocalists sheepishly introducing the band and being met with brilliant enthusiasm, evidently unexpected given her frightened reaction and demeanor. This tape was a self-released, DIY effort recorded on an 8-track by a person or entity known as "Sweet Tooth." I don't know how many were made, but there were two, if not more, colored J-cards to choose from. This band is apparently still active, and for the curious their MySpace profile can be found below.

Carnal Knowledge - Demo
Carnal Knowledge - MySpace

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