Monday, June 28, 2010

Dude Japan - Simple Living (2010)

I know I haven't been posting too much, but I'm hoping to change that in the upcoming weeks. I have a few things up my sleeve...

Here we go, the latest offering from Long Island, NY's Dude Japan, a four-piece pop band on Rok Lok Records. For anyone who hasn't heard their past releases, which includes a split with Weed Hounds, this is a really exciting treat and a definite improvement over previous endeavors. I say improvement because, personally, I wasn't too crazy about their Teenage Summer EP. I like it, and it's not bad at all, so don't get me wrong... but it just lacked a certain cohesiveness that seems to be present on this latest offering. Whether they found a more comfortable niche to reside in or just tinkered with their sound a bit since then, or these songs are just better written - whatever they've done, it's working, because Simple Living is a much more calculated, satisfying release and, I'd like to think, a sign of things to come. Or maybe it's just all in my head, and the real reason I didn't dig Teenage Summer as much is because I've only ever heard it on my sub par tape deck. That's probably it, really.

If you are so inclined, there are definite Further and (maybe) even Polvo or Raymond Brake vibes, especially in the beginning riffs on "The Seattle Freeze (Has Come To NY)," which is as feel good as it is despondent. The EP also includes a worthy Tiger Trap cover. All in all, these are some fantastic, feel-good indie pop songs; all quality stuff as can be excepted from this band.

I suppose I should also mention that Weed Hounds just released a new limited edition 7" that you can order here. I am not a shill, I swear.

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Thanks a lot!! Nice blog. Do you have Teenage Summer EP?