Friday, April 9, 2010

Worlds - Unforseen Paths 7" (2010)

Another new one, this time from Vinyl Rites, the same guys who brought you Diet Cokeheads and Pollution tunes. Worlds is straight-forward, no nonsense grind with members from all sorts of big name bands (Asshole Parade, Floor, and Assuck, to name a few.) This is their debut 7" - 11 songs on one side. I think that says enough. I also say so since I have nothing interesting to say. I'm sorry... Don't let the similar bands fool you by the way; this record goes above and beyond that. Not necessarily improving on their respective legacies, but instead traveling to a whole different realm and pushing out a sound worthy of multiple plays.

If you're into this, go buy it from Vinyl Rites - they have plenty of copies.

Worlds - Unforeseen Paths 7" Mediafire
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Unknown said...

no one from worlds has ever been in floor.

filthBastard said...
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