Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ilegal - Error De Orden E.P. (2010)

The next few posts will be about the newest Lengua Armada releases. These are all still in print, so I strongly recommend you buy all of them if you like what you hear. Besides that, I wouldn't be posting about them if I didn't buy copies myself.

Ilegal is a four-piece hardcore band from Montreal. This 7", preceded only by a demo from 2009, rips as hard if not harder than anything I've heard in a while. Spanish-sung and to the point, this EP has an exciting, out-of-control punk vibe that is reminiscent of Italian hardcore bands like Declino. The recording is a little more raw than I expected, but I'm not complaining; it still sounds fantastic. Features members of After The Bombs, Selfish, and Bombs Away.

I've been informed by a member of the band that the track breaks of this rip are incorrect. I encourage you to download the rip available here instead. Thanks, and sorry.

E-mail label for a copy

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! THANKS! Ive been wanting these on my ipod ever since i got them!!!