Wednesday, June 1, 2011

V/A - Escondido, CA Compilation 7" (2001)

Have about four and a half minutes? That's how long it will take you to listen to this six-song compilation featuring four powerviolence bands out of Escondido, CA. I think I got this for free... honestly, I don't remember how or when I got a copy of this record. I don't remember being stoked though. It sounds how it looks: quick and sloppy. Two songs from each band, all of them true to form and under a minute. Bands featured are Crippled Monguloid, Charmburgler, Losin' Fusion, and perhaps most interesting to some, DisreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanX. The latter band is the only one I could ever find any information on for various reasons; I was only reminded of this band and compilation after reading a story about the vocalist cutting himself open and covering a venue floor with blood. In any case, here you go: a very obscure and limited edition compilation from the sweaty ankle of California.

This was released on Thrashbot Records and Tapes in 2001. Thrashbot had a website on GeoCities that is obviously gone now. There were apparently 200 of these records made. Sit down with a hot cup of tea, dim the lights, light a fire in your fireplace and enjoy.

V/A - Econdido, CA Compilation 7"

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